IfADo - Mustroph_SGLT2

IfADo - Mustroph_SGLT2
HR-SRM-baseds analysis of mouse/human SGLT2 in kidney and heart tissue.

  • Organism: Mus musculus/Homo sapiens
  • Instrument: TripleTOF5600+
  • SpikeIn: No
SGLT2 is known to be expressed in kidney in both mouse and man. However, expression in the (failing) heart has not yet been reported. We analysed both murine and human heart samples to search for two peptides that are proteotypic but identical between mouse and man. By these means we found SGLT2 expressed in murine kidney but neither in human or murine heart tissue.
Experiment Description
Murine and human biopsy samples were processed according to the GASP-protocol (Fischer and Kessler, Proteomics, 2015). About 500 ng of tryptically digested total protein lysate was applied to nano-HPLC coupled to a TripleTOF5600+ mass spectrometer (Schwarzfischer et al., J Proteome Res, 2017) with the mass spectrometer operating in HR-SRM mode for the two peptides (GTVGGYFLAGR_2+; VCGTEVGCSNIAYPR_2+).
Sample Description
Samples were named as follows: „mouse kidney“ which served as positive control, „mouse heart“ samples were used in either normal or „TAC“ condition (transverse aotrtic constriction) and „human heart“ biopsy.“
Created on 5/22/18, 12:49 PM
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