Auto QC Project bphinney  2015-10-22 11:46:05
Hi, i'm trying to set up autoqc and publish to panaroma, but I can't figure out my project name to put in the "Folder on Panorama" box. I think my project has spaces in it which may be causing the problem


vsharma responded:  2015-10-22 11:57:48
Hi Brett,

Which folder on Panorama are you trying to publish to? And what error message are you seeing in the output tab of AutoQC?

Spaces in project or folder names should not cause a problem. The "Folder on Panorama" field expect the path to the folder on Panorama. So, for example, if this is my folder structure in the MacCoss project on PanoramaWeb:

|-- QC Folder
     | -- Velos

To publish to the "Velos" folder the path I would enter is /MacCoss/QC Folder/Velos.

bphinney responded:  2015-10-22 12:07:18
I think I have a project called UC Davis Proteomics and then a sub directory called qc1

I tried this, but it didn't work

ERROR: Folder /UC DAVIS PROTEOMICS/qc1 does not exist on the Panorama server
vsharma responded:  2015-10-22 13:47:48
Hi Brett,

I don't see a "qc1" folder under the "UC Davis Proteomics" project. You will have to create one first. Creating folders is documented on this wiki page: This page is a little outdated so it does not show the "QC" option when configuring a Panorama folder. But you will see this option when you create a folder.

bphinney responded:  2015-10-22 14:36:18
That did the trick. Thanks!!!