Changing filenames tsbatth  2013-05-20 13:58:47

Is it possible to rename files once they've been uploaded to Panorama via Skyline?


tsbatth responded:  2013-05-21 17:54:59
Sorry this can be deleted now but figured it out incase anybody else searches.

Select Project --> Data Pipelines --> Process and Import Data --> Check box the file --> "Rename the selected file or folder" on top left (Icon is red 'A' and blue 'B' )

vsharma responded:  2013-08-22 13:49:15
Hi T,

It should no longer be possible to rename a zip file uploaded and imported to Panorama via Skyline. You can rename a zip file by clicking on the RENAME link on the document details page. You will see this link at the bottom left corner of the "Document Summary" box. This will not rename the file on the file-system, just the name that is displayed in Panorama.

Thank you.