Sharing dataset for reviewer Alok  2018-03-20 16:22:23
Hi PanoramaWeb team,

I uploaded a dataset to the PanoramaWeb and it hasn't been made publicly available yet. We are about to submit a manuscript for publication. Is there a way by which we can give access to this dataset to reviewers without making it publicly available?

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2018-03-20 16:43:47
Hi Alok,

You can submit the data to Panorma Public - our repository for Skyline documents associated with published (or in-review) manuscripts. You can read more about it in this paper:

Instructions on how to submit your data to Panorama Public are here:
You will find a more detailed tutorial here:

I hope you will find that submitting data to Panorama Public is quite simple. If your data is associated with a manuscript that is under review we will keep it private on Panorama Public and provide you with reviewer account details.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Alok responded:  2018-03-20 23:07:02
Hi Vagisha,

Thanks for the reply. I have submitted data to Panorama Public.